Biotest Surge Recovery Drink


I know a lot of people who don’t practice proper workout nutrition. Some of them go 2-3 hrs straight with nothing to drink but water. It is very important to have a recovery drink during and after training, which many people are starting to do. But most do not realize that simple whey protein and water is not enough.

John Berardi, well know and respected nutrition guru recommends a protein AND carb recovery drink. MMA training is very strenuous, and you start to lose energy fast, and get muscle fatigue after a while. BIotest Surge has Berardi’s recommended carb to protein ratio to help you gain or maintain your muscle mass, keep energy levels up, and of course help you recover.

I have used Surge and immediately I noticed that I stopped getting dizzy during workouts. I could work my self harder and longer. Also, I usually would not be as sore the day after. I think that a recovery drink is a must have staple for any MMA, cardio, or strength training.

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Biotest Surge Recovery Drinks