Best MMA Fight Shorts the Hayabusa Kyoudo

Hayabusa’s new Kyuodo MMA Fight shorts are perhaps the best fight shorts in the market today. They are comfortable, very stylish, and durable. The MMA shorts are constructed from Mechanical PolyDirectional stretch fabric, this extra flexibility allows for better unrestricted movement, the shorts won’t bind to your legs. There are also split seams at the sides and a stretch gusset (crotch area) that will give you a greater range of motion for high kicks and quick sprawls. Hayabusa also incorporated their own special Guardlock inner grip waistband system, that has Velcro fasteners, this makes it perfect for rolling and the strap stays very secure.

The overall construction of the shorts are excellent, there are reinforced T3 stitching seams that makes the MMA shorts very strong and durable to withstand the most extreme amount force when grappling. In addition, the breathable fabric has the High-IQ odor prevention material that inhibits bacteria growth so your shorts don’t smell (this is great). While these shorts cost a little more than the average fight shorts, they are definitely worth the price, they provide comfort, looks good and awesome durability. These shorts also great for other activities besides MMA – you can use them for running, other sports and comfortable enough for casual wear around the house. The Hayabusa MMA shorts are available in black and white and sizes from 30-38 waistlines, all of which fit exact to the sizes specified.

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