Best MMA Heavy Bag Gloves

A big part of MMA training is developing your power and striking skills with the heavy bag. Not to mention heavy bag training also provides a great workout and cardio.

Heavy bags are built tough and are very dense. You have to wear the proper gloves to prevent serious injury to your hands and wrists when using a heavy bag.

With that said, here are the best heavy bag gloves:

Hayabusa Heavy Bag Gloves 10 oz (Boxing Style)

Hayabusa Pro Bag GlovesBuy the Hayabusa Bag Gloves
These bag gloves are made by Hayabusa, one of the top MMA gear manufacturers. The gloves are designed like a boxing glove but has padding that is more dense but lighter weight. It helps absorb the heavy impact, while giving you the speed you need to work fast strikes. It’s the preferred bag glove by MMA professionals and is the highest rated glove in the market.

Combat Sports Heavy Bag Gloves 12oz (Boxing Style)

Combat Sports Gel Bag GlovesBuy the Combat Sports Bag Gloves
The Combat Sports bag gloves features an innovative gel and foam padding combination. It provides a great blend of impact absorption over the knuckles and does a great job supporting the wrist. The outer is made of leather and has a very secure Velcro strap. These gloves are 12oz – a little heavier than the Hayabusa bag gloves.

Warrior White Label Bag Gloves (MMA Style)

Warrior Bag GlovesBuy the Warrior Bag Gloves
Warrior International’s bag gloves are fashioned like MMA gloves with individual finger openings. (unlike the traditional Boxing glove design). This MMA design gives you the ability to simulate actual fight techniques. These gloves are available in either 8oz or 7oz – very light just like actual MMA fight gloves (4oz).

Everlast Evergel Bag Gloves (MMA Style)

Everlast Evergel Bag GlovesBuy the Everlast Bag Gloves
The Everlast Heavy Bag gloves are also fashioned like MMA gloves with finger loops. The pad features the Evergel foam that provides a comfortable experience and great protection. It also has an advanced fabric that prevents bacteria growth and odor.