Best Leather Boxing Gloves for MMA

Boxing gloves are used for sparring in MMA Training. (For beginners: Yes, you use FIGHT GLOVES in competition, but boxing gloves are better suited for sparring as they have a lot more padding and wont hurt or knock out your training partner. The gloves also help you focus solely on striking and doesn’t tempt you to start grappling.)

You can use the traditional boxing gloves but MMA companies have developed boxing gloves as well. Here are the best 100% leather boxing gloves for MMA:

Hayabusa Kanpeki Training Boxing Gloves

This is an elite pair of boxing gloves, Hayabusa these with superior materials and features a high-quality vintage brown leather.

Bad Boy Boxing Gloves

The Bad Boy all leather boxing glove is one of the most comfortable and has that broken in feel.

Hayabusa 16oz Pro Training Boxing Gloves

These are essentially the same as the Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite but without the high-grade brown leather. You can get these in black or white leather.

Combat Sports Safety Loc Boxing Gloves

This boxing glove features plenty of latex foam padding and has a very secure Dura-loc safety strap that provides plenty of wrist support.

Venum Boxing Gloves

The Venum Giant Boxing Glove features a very flash design, and a durable leather construction.