Best Grappling Gloves

Grappling Gloves are essentially MMA Fight Gloves. They are padded gloves with openings for each finger. There is an open palm that enables you use your grip and grab your opponents to execute grappling techniques and submissions.

You use the grappling gloves in Mixed Martial Arts training, working both striking and grappling while transitioning between the styles. The grappling gloves weigh at 4oz the official weight used in MMA competition.

Here are 3 of the best Grappling Gloves (MMA Fight Gloves):

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Fight Glove

Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Fight Gloves
Kanpeki Fight Glove

This glove is one of the best, its built on the original Hayabusa glove and features a very high-quality brown leather.

UFC Fight Glove

UFC Fight Glove
This is the official MMA glove used by the UFC, plenty of professionals train with this glove since they will be using it in competition.

Combat Sports Traditional Fight Glove

Combat Sports Traditional Fight Gloves
Combat Sports Traditional Fight Glove

This is a great all around grappling/fight glove that has an open palm and very good durability.