Antonio Minotauro Nogueira UFC 102 Fight Shorts

Nogueira silences the critics when he defeated Randy Couture by unanimous decision in UFC 102. He put on an exciting performance as he knocked down Couture several times and also got the mount. This fight lived up to the high-expectations of MMA fans who have been waiting for years to see these two legends finally battle. Nogueira earned a more respect and proved that he is truly one of the top contenders in the UFC heavyweight division.

What was surprising, is that Nogueira is known mainly for his top jiu jitsu skills and durability, but his performance in UFC 102 proves that he is a devastating striker as well.

Nogueira’s fight shorts for UFC 102 was the JACO Resurgence MMA Shorts (white). JACO is a fresh and stylish brand and have created this top quality MMA short in different colors as well. (Black, Brown, Green, white)

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