Amber Boxing Facesaver Headgear

Whether you train with people that are insanely powerful or a gorilla, the Amber Boxing Facesaver Headgear will help you keep your movie-star good looks intact. This has to be the ultimate in head and face protection.

When training before a fight its important to keep from being injured. It would be a shame if you received a cut or a bad bruise before the fight, it could be a potential setback.

It also works the other way, if you receive a severe beatdown, the Amber Boxing Facesaver Headgear can get you back in training quicker without worrying about causing trauma to your injuries (broken nose,cuts / stitches, etc.)

Unfortunately the Amber Boxing Headgear is currently unavailable. However we recommend an alternative:

The Everlast Full Coverage Head Gear

The Everlast Full Coverage Head Gear features a water resilient top grain leather outer layer with padding on all four sides for the ultimate protection. The padding is of a lightweight combination to lessen the stress on the neck while still delivering the high-impact absorption.