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About MMA Gear

To compete and fight in Mixed Martial Arts you only need a few necessary pieces of MMA gear such as:

However, to be the best in MMA you will need a variety of high-quality MMA gear for training. Such as:

Benefits of Quality MMA Gear

The main benefit of using high-quality MMA gear is safety, of course. It’s important to practice safe training, you need to prevent injuries to yourself and your training partners. There is no point in getting hurt while training, it will obviously just slow down your progress and growth as a Mixed Martial Artist. When you are injured you can’t train and when you can’t train you cannot evolve.

The second benefit to using the best MMA gear is to learn and execute techniques properly. For example, if you are using a piece of equipment that doesn’t fit properly, you will have the tendency to keep adjusting it during training. This can lead to less focus and awkward execution of a technique. Imagine using a glove that is too loose and twists when it hits a pad. Or a mouthguard that keeps falling out while you grapple or spar. Or a cup that slides around when you train. You will spend too much time adjusting and not enough time actually training at the right pace. Therefore, you should take the time to find the correct quality gear.

Guides on How to Choose MMA Gear

Are you new to MMA? Need information on how to get started in Mixed Martial Arts and how to choose the right MMA equipment?

Our Top 10

We have put together Top 10 lists of the best gear, more lists to come soon.

MMA Fighter T Shirts

Fighter walkout MMA T Shirts are the most popular MMA Gear. Fighters often have a new fight shirt for each of their fights. They wear them when walking out to the cage. You can find fighter gear by Event or by the Fighter Name.

Fighter Shirts and Clothing from UFC Events

Popular Fighter Shirts

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