Ab Wheel with MMA Training

Ab Wheel

There are plenty of MMA techniques that require the use of core muscles such as the abdominals or “abs”. A well conditioned and strong set of abs can give you a performance edge in MMA competition. Also, you wont have to suck-in your flabby gut each time a hot girl walks by when you have your shirt off. So, I guess its somewhat important to include a good ab work-out in your MMA training routine. To get started put down that cheesburger and grab an ab wheel. The ab wheel is a really useful tool in abdominal exercise, it helps you focus the workout directly on the abs while also strengthening the surrounding muscle groups such as the back, shoulders, arms and chest.

How to use an ab wheel:

  1. Kneel on your knees while keeping your back very straight. Sometimes, its good to do this on carpet or a mat so you can cushion your knees and prevent the ab wheel from sliding and slipping.
  2. Grab the wheel, holding one handle in each hand. Position your self as if you are doing a push-up but keep the arms below the shoulders for a good starting point. Make sure to keep your knees together on the floor. Keep the feet together straight out behind the knees. Remember to keep that back straight!
  3. Then slowly push the wheel forward while keeping the elbows locked and the muscles tight. The gluteus, abdominal, upper arms, lower back and hamstring muscles should all be flexed and tense for maximum control of the wheel as it rolls.
  4. Roll the wheel straight forward until you feel a slight a strain in the abs, and then use the abdominal muscles to pull back the wheel. Do not to let the back arch at all. All of the muscles should continue to be flexed to control the movement.
  5. As a beginner you will not be able to push the wheel that far out, but of course, over time and practice you can increase the distance you roll out.
  6. About 3 to 5 repetitions is good to start off with.

By the way, I found somevery affordable ab wheel that are literally only a couple bucks.
Everlast Standard Duo Ab Wheel