Atama Kimono’s Gold Weave Gi

You may have noticed Saturday that UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre walked into the arena with a plain black gi, absent of the multitude of sponsor logos that plague the shirts of most other fighters.

This is most likely due to the fact that Affliction was banned from the UFC, which was Georges’s biggest sponsor. Georges may have decided to not have any sponsor due to alliance with Affliction, but there has also been some speculation that either the UFC or Affliction has paid him to have NO sponsor.

St. Pierre came in with an Atama Kimono. These are very popular for brazilian jiu-jitsu players, and are a favorite for many black belts. Their most popular is the Gold Weave, which has the soft and light feel of a single weave, while having the strength and durability of a double weave. Any serious brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner needs a quality gi, and Atama makes some of the best.
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