TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer

title boxing timer

If you have not been practicing your sparring and conditioning with a timer, you are missing out. Having to assign someone to yell “Time” when a round is done, or having to keep looking up at the clock can get annoying. I have trained at places where there is no timer or where we used a normal clock. Now training somewhere that has a full fledged gym timer, it takes a lot of your mind.

This particular timer has a loud alarm and big easy to see numbers, so you will be sure not to miss a start or stop time. The round time, break time, alarm sound, and cycles are all greatly adjustable. This specific timer even comes with a remote.

There are many timers out there, although this one is fairly expensive, it is the best one I have seen. I highly recommend getting any full fledged gym/fight timer for any serious athlete. Also works great for HIIT conditioning tabata intervals, and many of the exercises done in Ross Enamait’s books.
TITLE Professional Fight & Gym Timer $200

If you are on a tight budget Gymboss makes a timer for under $20 bucks. It does the job.

Gymboss Interval Timer $19