The Captains of Crush Gripper is the Toughest Hand Exerciser Ever

Captains of Crush Gripper

The Captain of Crush Gripper is probably the toughest hand exerciser I have ever seen. It really sets the standard for what a grip strengthening tool should be. It’s constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum handles and with an exceptionally designed spring coils that have years of proven durability. If you are just starting out your grip training or looking for something to give you an edge then the Captains of Crush has a level that is suitable for you – they have 10 different strengths available starting from the Guide (60 lbs of resistance) to the No. 4 (365 lbs of resistance). Keep in mind that only a small number of people have been able to achieve the feat of closing the highest resistance gripper. With this range of different resistances you can build up your grip strength to improve your grappling and MMA techniques. There is also a book available that is written by the creator, to maximize your grip training and really use the captains of crush grippers to its full potential. I recommend starting with the trainer, the #1, and the #2 gripper at first. That will keep you covered for quite some time.

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper