Silver Star Bushido Samurai T-Shirt

The Silver Star Bushido shirt takes spirit of the Samurai and captures it in this very distinctive MMA shirt. The word Bushido essentially means the “Way of the Warrior”, it is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of the samurai life, similar to the concept of chivalry. It originates from two main influences: the first being the fierceness of the samurai fighting style and second, is the wisdom and peace of Buddhism. Bushido is the Samurai moral code that stresses “loyalty, martial arts mastery and honor unto death”.

With that said, anyone who appreciates MMA can definitely relate to this philosophy.

The shirt also features a cool electric blue shade. On the front of the shirt is an intensely detailed graphic of the traditional Samurai armor face mask. The background has ancient Japanese script that continues onto the back of the shirt. There you have the famous Silver Star emblem.

Silver Star Bushido Premium T shirt