Nike+ iPod Sport Kit for Running

Nike iPod Sport Kit
Of course, running is a substantial part of your MMA training and there is a chance that you use an iPod to listen to music that gets you motivated. The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit helps you even get more pumped by transforming your iPod into a personal workout trainer. The kit contains a tiny wireless sensor that you put into a “Nike+” shoe and a wireless receiver that you plug into your iPod. With this set-up, you can get real time information about your workout and your performance. You can track your time, distance, pace, calories burned and can use this info to set goals. What’s really cool is that you have a spoken feedback from your iPod, when you reach a goal or milestone, it automatically tells you progress reports while running. It even congratulates you when you do a personal best like your fastest pace, longest distance and time.
I think if you like gadgets like me; this is something that you will also enjoy. Although, there is one drawback, it has a short battery lifetime and you have to get a new sensor (batteries are irreplaceable). But I think it’s a good product, at only 30 bucks you get a virtual personal trainer to help you track your progress.
Nike+ iPod Sport Kit