Never Back Down – Gear used in Movie

never back down

Although Never Back Down was a decent representation of mixed martial arts, we still feel the need to cover the gear used in the movie just in case somebody was wondering.

There actually wasn’t much in the way of branded gear, the shorts were just regular boardshorts, and the bags and pads I was not able to see any name on them.

The gloves however, were featured prominently and at times I felt that they were showing the brand name on purpose.

The character Jake Tyler started out with Century gloves, and for the majority of the movie used Combat Sports gloves.

century glovescombat sports gloves

The character Ryan McCarthy used Primetime LVL 4 MMA gloves.


Some of the other gloves used by the extras were Everlast brand, and I also believe I saw Hayabusa Fight Gloves.

everlast gloves

hayabusa gloves
As for the movie itself, if you go see it with an open mindset that it’s not supposed to be the most accurate MMA movie, you will definitely get some great entertainment.

The gloves used in this film are actually all very popular and quality choices.