MMA Shorts

MMA shorts and fight shorts
MMA shorts (fight shorts) are necessary in MMA training and in competition. There are a variety of types of MMA shorts in terms of fit, function and style.

Why can’t I wear regular basketball shorts or gym shorts in MMA?

First and foremost, MMA shorts are designed specifically for the sport! They have certain qualities that only MMA shorts can provide.

MMA Shorts Characteristics:

Stretch Material and Flex Panels – Quality MMA shorts are made of stretchable fabric that expands. This type of fabric is useful in sprawling to avoid a take down and gives you mobility when executing certain grappling and Jiu Jitsu moves. Some shorts have flex panels located around the groin area that gives the shorts a greater range of motion and preventing it from ripping.

Non-Slip Adjustable Waist Band – MMA Shorts like the Sprawl Fusion or the Jaco Resurgence have a non-slip waistband. The waistband is lined with a soft rubber grip that ensures your shorts are on securely and stay that way during a fight. There’s nothing fun about having your shorts come off while trying to fight.

Durable Construction – MMA shorts are built to withstand the intensity of a fight. In addition to flexible material, MMA shorts have reinforced stitching at the seams. They increase the MMA shorts strength and ability prevent rips and tearing. (Regular gym shorts have only one stitching and will rip easily.)

Split Side Seams – There is a notch and split on the side of each leg of the fight shorts. The benefit is to prevent your knees and legs from getting caught when throwing a kick. Essentially, they make your kicks and knees much more effective.

Moisture Wicking Drying Fabric – Just like advanced sports apparel, MMA shorts feature moisture wicking fabric that will keep the fabric dry and keep you cool.

Anti-Microbial Treatment – The top fight shorts have been treated with Anti- microbial process to prevent the growth of bacteria such as staph, which is common in combat sports. A staph infection will sideline you from training and reaching your goals.

MMA Shorts Design and Styling

Basically, it comes down to personal preference in what you want in MMA shorts design and style. There are two basic types of design: High Graphics and Clean Style.

Type 1: Flashy, High Graphic Design MMA Shorts:

These shorts feature full graphics all over the shorts and usually have bright colors. They are perfect for anyone who wants to make an impact. They are visually stunning and set you apart from others.

Examples of Flashy Designs:
Venum MMA Shorts
Bad Boy MMA Shorts

Type 2: Clean Styling MMA Shorts:

Clean looking MMA shorts are very sporty and have solid colors. They have plenty of blank space for sponsorship logos and school/gym patches. These are perfect for anyone that just wants an excellent pair of shorts without too much fuss about the design.

Examples of Clean Looking MMA Shorts:
Sprawl MMA Shorts
Hayabusa Fight Shorts

Regardless of which design style suites your tastes, any of these MMA Shorts will do great. Its just up to your personal style.

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