Mixed Martial Arts: The Book Of Knowledge by BJ Penn


Bj Penn’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Book Of Knowledge is one of the best books I have ever read about MMA. While I usually prefer videos over books due to the ability to see exactly how the technique is being done, the Book of Knowledge has multiple full color pictures and full length descriptions for each technique, giving you an excellent idea of what is going on. The book only covers different grappling and striking moves that Bj frequently uses. While this gives you a great insight to his game plan, you wont being seeing instructionals on kicks for example, since Bj does not kick a lot. The book also has a small section on Bj’s biography, detailing how he started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his quick rise to black belt, and securing his championship as first non-Brazilian to win the world championships. The book also covers his early UFC career, and even talks about the controversial fight Matt Hughes vs Bj Penn 2.

Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn