Lyoto Machida Shirts UFC 98

Lyoto Machida, the undefeated UFC Light Heavyweight, is finally getting a title shot! He will face off against champion Rashad Evans in UFC 98 on Saturday, May 23, 2009. This is going to be a very exciting fight as Evans is also undefeated. If you are familiar with Lyoto Machida, you know he is one of the most technical fighters in the UFC. His Karate style proves to be very effective in inflicting damage on his opponents while keeping himself elusive from receiving very little damage, if any. To the trained eye, Machida is exciting to watch, he performs very subtle technical manuevers that produce high-impact results Рmaking him successful in all his fights. We are big fans and wish him good luck in the UFC 98 title fight;  if you are also a fan, support him by getting  Buy Lyoto Machida T-shirts.

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