Liddell vs Franklin T Shirts UFC 115

ufc 115 posterCheck out the Liddell vs Franklin T shirts! On Saturday, June 12, Vancouver will host UFC 115 where two legends Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin will battle. This is great match up because of their exciting fighting style.

This is Chuck’s comeback, he is coming off a 14 month layoff, but has claimed to be in the BEST shape he has been in a long time. Reports show Liddell looking very lean and cut, basically looks like he is in the best shape. Keep a lookout for Chuck being explosive in this fight, and maybe go back to his powerful wrestling roots.

Franklin is very prepared and has moved back up to 205lb division, he will have more energy since he wont be as drawn out making the weight cut. Franklin’s got a smart game plan and will avoid Chuck’s devastating counter punches. Franklin is a former Middleweight champ who has the speed and striking technique to be extremely effective against Liddell.

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Pat Barry wore the Eddie Alvarez Signature T shirt for his UFC 104 fight.

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