Keeping your MMA gloves in good condition

A good pair of boxing, muay thai, or mma gloves can be quite pricey. But, with proper care, those gloves can last you for years, throughout the majority of your MMA career.

The first thing I would recommend is to keep your sparring gloves, bag gloves, and mma gloves separate; don’t use the same pair for each task. (MMA Gloves Types) It will cost more in the beginning to buy multiple pairs, but the gloves will last much much longer. They won’t go through too much abuse and stay in top shape.

The next thing you should do is to wipe down your gloves EVERY workout. I take those special cleaning wipes like Lysol or even the plain non chemical ones and wipe down the outside AND inside.I’ve also seen some people spray the inside’s with Lysol spray or Febreeze and then wipe it down with a napkin. Leaving sweat anywhere on the glove will cause it to eventually start stinking pretty badly.

Now, you might be reading this and thinking “Well, I’ve never done any of this, now I am stuck with stinky gloves.” Although it would have been better to start taking better care of your gloves at the beginning, all hope is not lost! If you have some gloves that still smell after cleaning them, you can try two things. The first thing would be to seal them in a tight plastic bag. Make sure that no air can get in or out. This could basically “suffocate” the bacteria that causes the smell. The next thing you could do is to put that bag in the freezer for some time. In my experience, it works much better when you freeze the gloves. Hopefully the smell should be gone, but at the very least it will be much weaker.

The final thing to do is not really needed if you give your gloves a good wipedown but it does help.
You can make your own Glove Dogs deodorizers. You can take some cedar chips and stuff them into newspaper, then crumple the newspaper into a ball. Put one ball each into your glove, and the newspaper will soak up any sweat you missed(or any excess liquid from the wipe down) while the cedar chips will absorb and take over the bad smell.

Of course, if you have tried everything to get rid of the smell from your gloves and nothing works. You should consider just getting a new pair. Gloves will wear out eventually and need to be replaced.

Some new MMA gloves recommendations:

Fight Gloves

Hayabusa Fight Gloves:
One of the best fight gloves, has superior support and comfort.

Training Gloves

Combat Sports Safetech:
its a hybrid glove that is very versatile to use with different training routines.

Boxing Gloves

Venum Boxing Gloves:
These gloves are designed like Muay Thai Kickboxing gloves, and is the preferred style by MMA professionals.