Judo For Mixed Martial Arts by Karo “The Heat” Parisyan

Karo Parisyan is known throughout the UFC and MMA as a judo master. UFC commentator Joe Rogan calls him “world class.” Although he is average in the actual Judo world, there is no argument that he is probably the most succesful adapting Judo to no-gi mma competition. Karo Parisyan hits absolutely beautiful throws in almost every fight he is in.

Judo moves can be very different when there is no gi or kimono involved. Most people get confused on where exactly to put their hands. Karo’s book shows exactly how to pull his awesome throws off if you opponent has no clothing to grab. This can be great for street self defense, nogi grappling tournaments, or MMA competition.

Karo shows over 30 different throws and 60 submissions. There is no other book which covers this style of Judo in this much detail. Judo for Mixed Marital Arts is also published by the people behind Mixed Martial Arts, The Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn, and Mastering the Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo.

Judo for Mixed Martial Arts