Iceman My Fighting Life a book by Chuck Liddell

Iceman Chuck Liddell Book
Probably one of the most recognized fighters in MMA history, Chuck Liddell, writes a book called Iceman: My Fighting Life. The former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion lets us into his world in this fascinating and very genuine auto-biography. Chuck talks about how fighting is in his blood and how the influences in his childhood helped him develop into the fighter we know of today. For all UFC fans new and old, we also get an account of the history of the UFC, giving a good background on several different topics. Most certainly, the best part of this book is Chuck’s viewpoints and perspectives. It really gets you a powerful insight on Chuck’s emotions, his true personality outside of the ring and how MMA has changed his life. On the whole, book is a very good and captivating.

Iceman – My Fighting Life by Chuck Liddell