Hayabusa Red Label MMA Gear


Hayabusa has developed an exclusive line of MMA gear called the Red Label, it features Pro quality equipment such as Fight Gloves, Sparring Gloves and Shinguards.

Of course, true to its name, the Red Label features a red colored leather that gives it a distinct look. The gear are all made to the top Hayabusa specifications for the ultimate in protection, mobility, durability and comfort.

Hayabusa Red Label MMA Fight Gloves
These fight gloves essentially feature the same design as Haybusa’s original Pro fight gloves. It has an innovative “Y-shape volar design to keep gloves tight to the palm whether fists are clenched or when hands are open”. The fight gloves are made to meet the standard 4oz regulation weight of all MMA fight organizations and can be used in competitions. Hayabusa Red Label MMA Fight Gloves

Hayabusa Red Label MMA Sparring Gloves
These ergonomically designed sparring gloves gives you an excellent fit and comfort, enabling you to get the most striking power and precision. It has the Mexican style design that has been the preferred style by professionals. With 100% premium leather construction and a dual cross closure system, these gloves are ideal for any type of sparring and striking training. Hayabusa Red Label MMA Sparring Gloves

Hayabusa Red Label MMA Shinguards
Hayabusa’s shinguards were made to be lightweight so that it wont affect your mobility and striking speed. There is an ergonomic curve on the padding for to give you a striking surface without too much bulk. The backing is made of mesh neoprene for extreme breathability while enabling a snug fit. Hayabusa Red Label MMA Shinguards