Hayabusa Muay Thai Pads

Hayabusa continues to unleash new high-quality MMA Gear, the most recent of which are the Pro-size Muay Thai pads. These are said to be “the best Thai pads on the market today”. Although, you cannot go wrong with a typical Muay Thai Pad, Hayabusa has set the bar higher with their new series.

The Hayabusa Thai Pad is constructed of high-durability leather that covers the entirety of the pad including the grip and the straps. All of which is held together with stitches that show supreme craftsmanship and durable binding elements. It’s definitely built to last for a long time and can handle daily usage.

The design is simple with a nice two-tone contrast of black and white that captures the popular Hayabusa style. There is an embedded image of the Hayabusa falcon logo on the striking surface. We feel an added benefit is that this image helps with focusing on your striking target and also helps with finding your range.

Comfort and Fit
These Thai Pads feature the ErgoGrip™ stabilizer that is exclusive to Hayabusa to ensure the pads feel secure and fit as natural as possible. The padding of the Thai pads also has another exclusive feature called the SoftForm™ insert, which are extremely lightweight but provide the highest level of arm protection from the hardest kickers in the gym. The foam can provide the “just right” resistance to each strike. It makes catching kicks easier on your body and your arms are less likely to fatigue.

Overall Review
Basically Hayabusa took the elements of top Muay Thai Pads and made it the best. There’s no equal to these pads. They provide unmatched comfort and durability, but at the same time also have a touch of style with its cool design. The one drawback is that the Hayabusa Muay Thai Pads are somewhat expensive, but the high price reflects high quality. We would recommend these if you have the budget, of course, but if you really are serious about MMA and need a professional grade gear, then this is the Muay Thai pad for you. Buy the Hayabusa Pro-size Muay Thai Pad