Frank Trigg Silver Star MMA Shirt UFC 103

Frank Trigg recently closed-down his clothing line Triggonomics to sign on with the popular Silver Star Clothing Company. Trigg will be wearing his signature Silverstar MMA t shirt in UFC 103 against his fight against Josh Koschek. Above is a preview, Frank Trigg wearing the shirt soon to be released.

Why did Trigg decide to close up shop? Trigg said that the decision was very difficult but absolutely necessary – he provides two main reasons: “The first [reason] was financial. The economy is tough right now, and it made sense to develop a partnership with Silver Star….Second, I need to focus full time on training. The sport has developed over the years, and I need to spend all of my time solely on preparing for my fight. This is my last run in the UFC, and while I hope it’s a long run, I can’t try to operate a business at the same time.”

Silver Star is an established brand that was founded in 1993 and the company has partnered up to make shirt for popular fighters such as: Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Urijah Faber, Thiago Silva, Rich Franklin and Jon Jones. (click on fighter’s name to view their silver star shirt)

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