Everlast Protex3 Training Gloves

Everlast is THE name in boxing equipment. The timeless photos of Muhammad Ali would have the brand everywhere, but recently other brands have started to compete. Everlast plans to get back in the game with a whole new line of high quality equipment. Their Protex3 gloves are a whopping $200, but comes with great features.  Besides ultra high-quality leather, a high tech foam technology that forms to your fist, a three-segment wrist support, and it also comes with an anti microbial liner.  Anybody who has used boxing gloves will know that your hand can get sweaty. . and stinky!  This liner will definitely help prevent odors.

While there are brands like CSI, Fairtex, Windy, and Twins popular among mixed martial artists, the Everlast Protex3 is at a whole different level and is the elite of the boxing gloves available today.  Check out the Everlast Protex3 Training Gloves (Hook and Loop or Lace Up)