Buying a Mouthguard for MMA

Why do I need a mouthguard for training in MMA?
In grappling there is a chance that you will inadvertently get hit in the mouth.  In striking it is a given.  Mouthguards can help prevent cuts, damage to your teeth, and even concussions.  In most if not all competitions you will need a mouthguard to participate.

How do mouthguards work?
They protect your teeth from cutting up your gums, and also act as a shock absorber.  A direct hit to the mouthguard will take the force off your front teeth and spread it out torwards the back where your teeth is stronger.  The support will also help prevent concussions.

What mouthguard should I buy for MMA?
If you are just grappling, you do not need to spend more than 20 dollars.  Shock Doctor is the most used brand and probably the best.  They have mouthguards from 5 to 20 dollars, pick whatever style you like and what is in your budget.

What if I am doing striking work?
Many people use a sub-20 dollar mouthguard for sparring, but once you get into heavier full contact stuff, I would recommend buying a custom mouthguard.

What is the difference between a custom mouthguard and a boil and bite mouthguard?
They are the same concept, they both try to fit the mouthguard specifically for YOUR teeth.  However, boil and bite is done at home, while customs are done by professionals.  The end result is much better, also, custom mouthguards are much better material and quality.

Where can I get a custom mouthguard for MMA?
Your dentist should be able to make one for you, however, there are several companies that focus on mouthguards strictly for high contact sports, such as MMA. These are also usually cheaper than your dentists mouthguard.  You can buy one for around 100 dollars, and can get more expensive for logos and designs.

100 Dollars?  That is very expensive!
Keep in mind that once you buy a mouthguard it is likely that it will last you for the rest of your career.  Also, 100 dollars is a great investment considering it can save you thousands on dental work. It is worth it if you dont want to end up toothless and drinking your dinner through a straw. And remember, you can also design your mouthguard with different colors and logos.
It really is truly worth it.  The custom mouthguard technology is almost perfect.  When was the last time you saw somebody’s teeth get knocked out in the UFC? They all use high quality mouthguards that you can’t just pick up at the department store.

Recommended Mouthguards:

The Fight Dentist Custom Mouthguards (view)

These are the best mouthguards on the planet. Not only are they used by the pros, you can customize the look of your mouthguard: put your school/team/gym logo on them or make them look intimidating.

Shock Doctor DNA Mouthguard (view)

For those on a budget, these mouthguards do the job well, but are not customizable.