Thiago Silva Tapout Brazil Shorts UFC 102


Thiago Silva wore these Tapout shorts when he knocked out Keith Jardine in UFC 102. The knock out was vicious, typical of the Muay Thai style and it happened suprisingly early in the first round. Silva definitely sends a message to all the UFC light-heavyweights that he is a top contender and is looking forward Read More…

Antonio Minotauro Nogueira UFC 102 Fight Shorts


Nogueira silences the critics when he defeated Randy Couture by unanimous decision in UFC 102. He put on an exciting performance as he knocked down Couture several times and also got the mount. This fight lived up to the high-expectations of MMA fans who have been waiting for years to see these two legends finally Read More…

Randy Couture UFC 102 T Shirt


Randy Couture will be wearing this Extreme Couture Shirt for his UFC 102 fight against Minotauro Nogueira. It features a design that is similar to motorcyle clothing style and also focuses on its partriot theme with the eagle and American flag. The Randy Couture UFC 102 Shirt

Brandon Vera Filipino Walkout Shirt UFC 102


A new company called Jaco Clothing will be sponsoring top light-heavyweight Brandon Vera in his UFC 102 fight against Krzysztof Soszynski. Jaco has some fresh t-shirt designs and their line of shirts feature ring spun cotton for an extremely soft feel. They also utilize water-based inks soak into and become part of the cloth itself, Read More…

Keith Jardine UFC 102 Walkout shirt


Keith Jardine also known as “The Dean of Mean” will be fighting the dangerous Thiago Silva in the co-event for UFC 102. Jardine is known for his very unorthodox and wild fighting style that has made him one of the more unpredictable fighters defeating former champs such as Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. Jardine will Read More…

Silver Star Thiago Silva UFC 102 MMA Shirts


Silver Star Clothing Co. has been on a streak lately in sponsoring some of the top fighters in recent UFC events. Next up is Thiago Silva in UFC 102, who will be wearing the Silver Star signature series MMA shirt in his fight against Keith Jardine. Thiago Silva is certainly one of the top UFC Read More…

Antonio Minotauro Nogueira UFC 102 Shirt


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will fight Randy Couture in main event of UFC 102. This has been much anticipated fight, fans have wanted to see these two heavywieghts fight for a very long time. Nogueira will wear the Silver Star signature t shirt that sports Nogueiras’ nickname “minotauro”. On the front of the shirt is a Read More…