Hayabusa MMA Gloves


Hayabusa was cool enough to develop a video on their Hayabusa Pro MMA Gloves. Its actually quite informative and explains the unique features of a Hayabusa glove that make it one of the best in MMA. One significant feature is a Y-shaped palm reinforcement that keeps the glove tight whether your hand is opened or Read More…

Nintendo Wii Boxing Gloves From Everlast


Bring your Nintendo Wii virtual boxing experience to life! These Everlast gloves are configured with fitted straps to hold game controllers in place. There is also an opening on the bottom of the gloves that allow you easy access to buttons on controllers. The Everlast Nintendo Wii™ Boxing Gloves

Triumph*United Japanese Heatseeker Training Gloves


Triumph United has gone from a great MMA t-shirt company to making some quality gear. The have an entire new line of gloves, from different types of MMA gloves to different types of boxing and muay thai gloves. Their heatseeker seems to be the flagship, it’s is an extremely cool looking training glove. The heatseeker Read More…

Everlast Protex3 Training Gloves


Everlast is THE name in boxing equipment. The timeless photos of Muhammad Ali would have the brand everywhere, but recently other brands have started to compete. Everlast plans to get back in the game with a whole new line of high quality equipment. Their Protex3 gloves are a whopping $200, but comes with great features.  Read More…

Throwdown Women’s Pro MMA Competition Gloves


Women’s MMA is growing faster than ever.  Internet forums are buzzing with excitement over an expected matchup between popular Gina Carano and Christine “Cyborg” Santos.  There are more and more female fans of the sport every day, and there are also plenty of women who are getting into training.  Throwdown realizes this and has brought Read More…

Title Gel World Bag Gloves


New from Title is the Gel World Bag Gloves with multi-layered foam padding and reinforced gel lining to create comfort and provide a form fit for better impact absorption. There is also a very supportive wrist strap that features an adjustable D ring and hook-and-loop closure. The gloves also look one of a kind, with Read More…

Fairtex Ultimate NHB MMA Gloves


Fairtex is considered by many as one of the finest makers of gloves for muay thai and MMA. Their MMA gloves are top quality, and are used by organizations like Affliction and IFL. Made out of a high quality leather construction, the gloves come in various types. There are open palm, open thumb, and full Read More…

Twins Muay Thai Training Gloves on Sale


The Twins Muay Thai Training Gloves are on sale from Cageside MMA. The Twins lace-Up gloves are one of the top gloves that come from Thailand. Although, designed specifically for Muay Thai, these gloves can also be used for training in boxing as well. The gloves feature a longer cuff for more protection while blocking Read More…

Triumph United HeatSeeker Gloves


Triumph United has grown from a marketing company, to producing some fine MMA apparrel, and now has officially entered the gear market. Pictures of gloves, bags, and protective gear have floated around internet forums for some time, but now we have an official name and release date for their first gear items. The Triumph United Read More…

A beginner’s guide to the different types of MMA gloves

MMA bag glove type

Choosing the correct MMA gloves can be somewhat confusing because there are so many different types of MMA gloves available. The best way to avoid any confusion is to learn the main types of MMA gloves and the specialized purpose they serve. There are three main categories: 1. Sparring Gloves 2. Bag Gloves 3. Fight Read More…