Georges St. Pierre Girls Shirt UFC 100


Lets face it women love Georges St. Pierre. Not exactly sure why, maybe it’s his accent or his “riddum” or maybe because he’s one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world? Who knows. But he is definitely going to be in the “fight of his life” when he defends the welterweight title at UFC Read More…

George St. Pierre UFC 100 Shirt


This Georges St. Pierre shirt is a special commemorative mma t-shirt to honor GSP for his title fight at UFC 100 against Thiago Alves who is thought to be the biggest threat to GSP. The shirt was developed by Silver Star Casting that features a blood red color with gold foil of the GSP crest. Read More…

Affliction Georges “Rush” St. Pierre Warcrest Thermal


Affliction has released a long sleeve thermal of their popular Warcrest shirt.  The Warcrest shirt is definitely one of my favorite Affliction shirts.  It features one of my favorites, GSP, and has a really cool design that is not played out with the typical skulls and dark designs that are saturating the MMA apparel market. Read More…

Atama Kimono’s Gold Weave Gi


You may have noticed Saturday that UFC Welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre walked into the arena with a plain black gi, absent of the multitude of sponsor logos that plague the shirts of most other fighters. This is most likely due to the fact that Affliction was banned from the UFC, which was Georges’s biggest Read More…

Georges St. Pierre Signature Affliction Shirt

A shirt perfect for MMA fans and fighters, The Georges St. Pierre Signature Series Affliction shirt provides excellent style when showing your support for the MMA industry and your favorite fighter. A vintage white shirt featuring a cool design and high quality that is associated with the Affliction brand. Georges St. Pierre Signature Affliction Shirts