MMA Sandals Dan Henderson Series by Tapout

Tapout continues to expand its MMA apparel empire with a new series of MMA sandals. Available now are the Dan Henderson signature series that are come in Black, Grey and White.

We must say that these MMA Sandals are extremely stylish, they are not too flashy and gives off a cool “chilled out” vibe… similar to Dan Henderson, when he is not busy knocking out Micheal Bisping.

In addition, the sandals are actually manufactured by Skechers shoe company, which have been known to make very durable footwear and these sandals are built to last.

Obviously, a great benefit of MMA sandals is that they are perfect for when training jiu-jitsu. You can wear the sandals when you are off the mat to keep your feet clean. This will keep you from tracking dirt and bacteria on the mat preventing staph infections and other skin diseases.

These sandals will keep you and your training partners clean, healthy and ready for the next battle. (Who would have thought?)

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