Brandon Vera UFC 105 Affliction T Shirt

Affliction has made a signature Brandon Vera’s UFC 105 T shirt. Vera has the opportunity of a lifetime in his upcoming fight against legendary Randy Couture in the main event.

A victory over Couture would give Vera the recognition and a huge step up the ladder to get a shot at the Light Heavyweight title. This is a great fight for Brandon Vera and we wish him luck.

The Affliction shirt that Vera wears at UFC 105 features the distinctive Affliction style. It has a single warbird on the front with this nickname “The Truth” on a small scroll. The back of the shirt features a replica of the tattoos that Brandon Vera has on his back. They are Babayin (Ancient Filipino script) Symbols that signify Mundo (Earth), Hangin (Wind), Tubig (Water) and Apoy (Fire).

Brandon Vera UFC 105 Affliction Shirt